Best Surgeon for Rhinoplasty Las Vegas

Surgery and aesthetic medicine of the lips, and nose, called a nose job or Rhinoplasty Las Vegas.

The lip is defined anatomically not only by the red (or vermilion) lip, but also by its underlying and underlying cutaneous portion, called the white lip.

In the aesthetics of the lips, it is important to take into account the totality of this area, and to ensure that it is included in the whole that forms the face, to have a harmonious result.

Strong points :

Lip augmentation (hyaluronic acid, lip implants, lipofilling)
Lip reduction
Lifting the upper lip
Peri-oral treatment

This information page is made by Dr. Nguyen, a cosmetic surgeon in Paris, who performs aesthetic treatment of the lips regularly. It contains all the information on the procedure, the scars, the follow-ups, the safe care, the Before and after photos, and prices for various surgical treatments and aesthetic medicine of the lips.

Lip augmentation

What are the techniques of lip augmentation?

First of all there are techniques of aesthetic medicine, by injection of filler, which is the most used method. The most commonly used filler is hyaluronic acid. Other resorbable products can also be used, but we advise against non-resorbable substances such as liquid silicone.

There are also surgical techniques for increasing the lips, the augmentation being carried out either by reinjection of fat (lipofilling) or by means of a lip implant.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of increasing hyaluronic acid lips in aesthetic medicine?

Advantages are :

– The quality of hyaluronic acid makes it possible to avoid any complication (granulomas, allergic reactions, ball …).

– The result is immediate and fast.

– The injections are practiced in the doctor’s office in 20 minutes.

– The suites are simple and the resumption of activities is immediate.

The only disadvantage is a temporary increase of the lips.

This is the most common method of lip augmentation.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of lip augmentation per implant in cosmetic surgery?

The benefits of lip implants are:

A definitive increase
Different choice of implants (shape and size)
Surgery possible under local anesthesia
Very natural appearance and touch
Removal of the lip implant on demand, also possible change

The disadvantages are:

Requires an operating theater
Possible rejection of the implant

What are the advantages and disadvantages of lip augmentation by lipofilling in cosmetic surgery?

Advantages are :

A natural method of increasing
A definitive increase
No foreign bodies
Surgery possible under local anesthesia

The disadvantages are:

An unpredictable increase, due to the possible resorption of fat
An imprecise increase of the lips
Requires an operating theater

This is the least used technique of lip augmentation.

Lip reduction

Why make a reduction of the lips?

In some people, the lips can be too fleshy, too thick, and can break the harmony of the face.

How is a reduction of the lips?

The reduction of the lips is performed in the operating room under local anesthesia, or under general anesthesia if the patient so requests.

A portion of the buccal mucosa is removed.

The consequences of the intervention are quite simple.

What are the scars of a lip reduction?

The scar is located at the junction of dry red lip and wet red lip. It becomes almost imperceptible over time.


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