Num Noms Go-Go Cafe Playground Playset & Play Doh Mystery Cup Surprise Motorized by Disney Collector

Disney Collector presents Num Noms Go-Go Café Playset, the perfect playground for the Num Noms. Stack your favorite Num on top of your favorite motorized Noms and let them slide in the playground! Watch them splash in the teapot shower, have a ride on the teeter totter saucer, or take a spin in the spinning donut wheel.! Also, hiding in the Bistro Café the exclusive special edition scented Num vanilla go-go and scented motorized Nom orange cream. Review by Disney Collector Toy Channel. 035051539469. Available at ToysRus stores and online.

Meet the Noms, cute scented characters that are full of surprises! There are 4 different NumNoms: ice cream Nums, cupcake Nums, lipgloss Noms, motorized Noms. A cupful of cuteness and a spoonful of surprise makes Num Noms. To create your own flavor fusion mix a num and a nom, the perfect recipe for mischief. Also available as mystery cup surprises!!!

From MGA Entertainment, the creators of Lalaloopsy, Bratz and Little Tikes, here’s a new wave of cute tiny scented surprises that you can mix, match and stack on top of each other to create a fantastic world of Num Noms.

Une tasse de douceur et une cuillère de surprise créent les Num Noms. créent les num noms. Pour créer ta propre fusion de saveurs, melange un num et un nom c’est la recette parfaite de la plaisanterie. Choisis un num, à joute un nom, et une tasse ou un cornet. Crée tes propres combinaisons delirantes de saveurs. Quatre collections différentes à choisir: Nums petits gâteaux, Nums crème glacée, Noms motorises, Noms brillant à lèvres.

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